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Full Time with Benefits, FLSA Exempt, At-Will Position
Ogden, UT

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The complex personal and social problems of our community warrants a different approach –solved only by combining interdisciplinary expertise and cross-sector coalitions by engaging all community stakeholders. By unifying services and sources, Weber County, Weber Human Services and the Weber-Morgan Health Department aim to correct root causes and systematic barriers, and work toward the common goal of collective well-being. Operating under an interagency agreement, The Director for the Prevention and Prosperity Center of Excellence will lead efforts to align partners and programs from industry, education, social-sector organizations, government, and public-sector bodies and integrate and navigate complex economic, social and workforce development systems to deliver improved outcomes. The goals of The Center are;

  1. Goal: Act as an integrator and capacity builder by leading and aligning cross-sector collaboration among key partners such as community health, behavioral health, human services, non-profits, education, industry, government, local and regional economic development agencies and community.
  2. Goal: Take a unified approach to addressing and preventing community health issues such as substance abuse, mental health, housing and homelessness, recidivism, social mobility, intergenerational poverty, and other social determinants of health by researching, applying for and braiding funding and allocating dollars efficiently to maximize benefit to tax payers, the community and future generations.
  3. Goal: Yield immediate short term cost efficiencies, improved community health outcomes leading to a replicable, scalable, self-sustaining model over the long term.


Working at the discretion of the Weber County Commissioners and the Executive Directors of Weber Human Services and the Weber-Morgan Health Department, will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with industry, education, social sector, government and public-sector organizations to draw awareness of, interest in, and engagement with The Center.

Align the intergenerational Poverty initiative with Weber Human Services and Weber-Morgan Health Department prevention teams.

Facilitate and support the Welfare Reform Commission and the Intergenerational Poverty Advisory Committee by integrating diverse assets and subject matter expertise among community stakeholders. Support includes;

  • Proactively assist in the design, strategy, and implementation of the Intergenerational Poverty Interventions,
  • Strategically design and develop meeting agendas to achieve specific outcomes
  • Communicate and connect with key stakeholders outside of the standard meeting times
  • Keep records that go beyond documentation by empowering teams to revise and learn from interactions
  • Conduct at minimum, quarterly meetings for each committee, create regular updates and correspondence and arrange meeting logistics to maximize participants time and contributions
  • Research best practices, social science data, and statistics and connect with national organizations to support the work of the IGP initiative.

Assists in grant and proposal development, grant team coordination, and obtaining social impact funding to include state, federal and philanthropic funding opportunities that may benefit The Center and the integration/alignment of community well-being.

Assists in the development and coordination of materials, communication, and presentations for local, state, and national meetings, conferences, panels, webinars, etc. and works with Weber County’s marketing consultants and WHS and WMHD Public Information Officers to engage in a social media campaigns to benefit the work of The Center. Creates content for regular postings on the agency’s social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube. Develop long and short term strategies for building and leveraging public awareness and support.

Provides public speaking and represents The Center at local, state, and national meetings.

Assists Weber County, Weber Human Services and Weber-Morgan Health Department with understanding legislative and policy implications as they pertain to the IGP initiative and community engagement.

Align with partners to work toward a shared digital platform, memorandums of understanding, and data sharing agreements for outcome tracking.

Works with community partners to solicit funding, prepare grant applications and communicate the value of the program and its outcome to elected officials, key community members and donors.

Facilitates and supports The Center, the community and stakeholders by integrating diverse assets and subject matter expertise among community stakeholders and community residents.


Education:     Graduation from a college or university with a Master's Degree in business administration, economics, organizational management, public health, public administration, social work, health care administration, finance, or any other degree related to the duties of the position being applied for.

Experience:    Six years of experience relevant to the specific program, at least four of which must have been in a professional supervisory capacity.


Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major study as outlined above, plus eight years of full time paid experience in a related field, four of which must be supervisory.


Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined acceptable by the Weber County Commission, Weber Human Services Director, and the Weber-Morgan Health Department Director.

Weber County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
To request an accommodation or for technical assistance please call us at 801-399-8623