Vote by Mail Questions?

What happens to your ballot when you mail it in? Watch the video below to find out:

Specific Sample Ballot - Also contains candidate bios and informaiton

Complete Sample Ballot - Contains all candidates and races, voters will receive only the races they qualified to vote for.

When will I receive my ballot?

Ballots will be delivered to the post office on October 18th and should arrive in your mailbox before October 25th. If you do not receive a ballot make sure your registration is current at or contact our office at 801-399-8034.

Is my vote private (kept secret)?

Yes. The Utah State Constitution gives all voters the right to a secret ballot. Our new envelope design further ensures this right as we are able to verify voter signatures on a privacy tab that is removed from the envelope making your ballot anonymous as it moves on to the next step.

How do you know that a “real” voter casts their ballot?

Each voter must sign an affidavit on their ballot envelope. EVERY signed envelope is compared to signatures on file in the Voter Registration database. Your signatures must match in order for your vote to be counted. You can check the status of your ballot at

What happens if my ballot is rejected?

If your ballot is rejected, you will be notified and given instructions on how to correct the issue. The most common reasons ballots are rejected are unsigned ballot envelopes or the signature doesn’t match the voter’s registration record. A rejected ballot will be counted once the problem is corrected. You can check the status of your ballot at

Can I vote in person even if I received a ballot in the mail?

Yes, as long as you have not already returned your by mail ballot. Any registered voter is always welcome to come to a voting assistance center on Election Day.

Do I have to pay postage to return my ballot?

Ballots returned by mail require a First-class or forever stamp. Additionally Weber County provides 18 ballot drop box locations, 7 of which are open 24 hours a day. Ballots returned via drop boxes do not require postage.

Can I vote more than once?

No. Each ballot envelope has a unique barcode that we use to give you credit for voting. This prevents a voter from voting more than once and Under Utah State Code 20A-3-505 (1)(ii), it is unlawful for a voter to vote twice.

How do I properly fill out my ballot?

Use black pen and fill your oval in completely.

Do not use red pen or markers that bleed through the paper. Do no tear or cut your ballot, torn ballots can’t be processed through scanners. Do not sign or write notes on the actual ballot – it can cause your ballot to be rejected and it will no longer remain secret.

If you make a mistake and need a new ballot, contact our office at 801-399-8034.

How does straight party work, if I vote straight party can I still vote for a candidate from another party?

Voting straight party is optional and means that all candidates of that party will receive your vote – regardless of whether you fill in their oval or not.

If you vote straight party and then choose a candidate from another party, then the new candidate you selected will receive your vote and the other candidates from the party selection will still receive your vote.

What’s on the ballot?

You can view a copy of your sample ballot that includes bios of candidates at

Where can I find out who won?

Unofficial results will be posted exclusively on the state reporting website for more information you can visit our results page. All results are unofficial and a winner will not be declared until the canvass on November 22.

If I leave something blank will my ballot still be counted?

Yes. If you leave a race, or multiple races, blank the rest of your ballot will still be counted.

Why do judges from other cities appear on my ballot?

State law requires that justice court judges from smaller cities appear on the ballot for voters from the entire county to vote on.