Weber County RAMP Funding

RAMP Funding Criteria for Major Projects

Funds for qualifying city and county entities and nonprofit organizations operating publicly owned facilities within Weber County will be made available under Major Projects on the basis of a formal application. The application must meet the criteria and deadlines as set below. Funds will be made available upon approval, after a formal review process, by the Weber County Commission on the recommendation of the RAMP Tax Advisory Board.


The purpose of funding of Major Projects is to enhance the quality of life for Weber County residents by constructing Recreation, Arts, Museum and Park facilities.


• In order to qualify for funding, an applicant must be a Weber County or a city entity or a nonprofit organization operating a publicly owned facility within Weber County.

• Weber County and city, state and federal entities are deemed to have met all public eligibility requirements by the mere fact of their being governmental entities.

• The nonprofit organization’s mission must fall within one of the four RAMP categories.

• The nonprofit organization must be a “resident” of Weber County and have met all eligibility requirements throughout the preceding three years. “Resident” here means having a staffed year-round office or be an organization that meets regularly in pursuit of its nonprofit goals and is run by a duly elected board of directors made up predominantly of Weber County residents.

• If it is an organization or program affiliated with a university, college, or educational institution, it must serve predominantly the community as opposed to students and faculty; and 2) it must receive less than fifty percent of its support from the university, college or educational institution.


• The burden is on the applicant to demonstrate convincingly that it meets all eligibility requirements.

• All funded facilities must be physically located in Weber County.

• Preference will be given to collaborative projects, and other projects that are funded in part by the applying entities.

• On the basis of the grant, the applying entities are encouraged to raise additional moneys specifically for the funded project.

• Applying entities must provide for perpetual maintenance and operating funding for all facilities for which funding is requested.

• All funded projects must be made available for use to all Weber County residents.

• Reasonable non-discriminatory user fees may be charged for the use of the facilities.

• The total amount of grant money must be spent on the funded project and must be used within Weber County.


• A project that was previously funded will not necessarily qualify for funding in the future.

• County and city, state and qualified organizations seeking funding must submit completed applications along with all requested materials. Incomplete applications will be ineligible for funding.

• Completed applications must be received in the Weber County Commission office by the stated deadline. Late applications will be disqualified from consideration.

• Nongovernmental applicants will be required to submit proof of their nonprofit status.

• Nonprofit organizations must submit a copy of their Articles of Incorporation as proof of the organization’s primary purpose/mission.

• A contractual agreement must be entered into by Weber County and the fund recipient in order to ensure that the funds are appropriately and specifically used.

• All funded entities and organizations must submit a plan to show how it will accredit RAMP/Weber County in its acknowledgment of the funding source.

• Funded governmental entities and organizations will be required to submit a Completion Report 90 days of the completion date of the project.


• The total amount of grant for any Major Project for any given year will not exceed a third of the RAMP tax collections for the preceding year. The minimum grant request should be for no less than $200,000.

• Multiple year grants may be awarded provided they are within the RAMP Tax authorization period.


Office Location

RAMP Tax Advisory Board
Weber County Commission
2380 Washington Blvd., Suite 360
Ogden,Utah 84401

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