2020 Tax Relief Application

Are you a veteran who received a renewal post card in the mail? If so, please login to renew.
If not, please complete a new application.

2020 Tax Relief Application
Account ID
Password (If you are unable to log in please call 801-399-8400 for a new password.)

Important Notes:
  • You can find the Account ID number and Password on the post card that was mailed to you.
    For Example:
  • This is for the Disabled Veteran tax relief program only. If you receive benefits from the Circuit Breaker, Blind or Abatement programs as well, you will need to submit a paper form to our office.
  • A signed application needs to be filed each year by December 31st to qualify for the tax relief program. Any changes must be received by our office no later than December 31st.
  • For tax relief amounts to show on your Tax Notice, this application must be filed by September 1st.
  • For exemption on personal property (cars, trailers, etc.) please contact our office.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk/Auditor's Office at 801-399-8400.
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions and Tax Relief Program details here.