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Sheriff - The paving company has informed us they will be paving West 17th St. that runs from the access to the Sheriff’s Office to 1200 West beginning Monday, October 16th. While this is occurring please access the Sheriff’s Office by either... Continue Reading →

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Weber County Sheriff’s Office Access – October 3rd, 2017

Sheriff - The Sheriff’s Complex is temporarily not accessible via West 17th Street from 1200 West. In addition, 17th Street is temporarily closed at Wall Avenue to Gibson Ave. while they re-pave that area. For now, the Sheriff’s Complex is only accessible... Continue Reading →

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Firewise Landscaping for Utah

Government - As Utah’s population grows, development merges the edges of cities and towns into wildlands. New developments also spring up within wildlands, including everything from a cabin in the woods to hundreds of vacation homes on slopes scattered through the forest.... Continue Reading →

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Utah Firewise Living

Government - Wildfire preparation increases the potential that homes will survive wildfire. By preparing homes and property ahead of time, we can be better protect our homes, investment, surrounding area and families. If each of us does our part, we can collectively... Continue Reading →

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Do You Speak Millennial ?

Government - October 4th @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater | A Must Do Event ! #GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Sponsor | Davis Hospital $6,000 in Tech College Tuition Waivers (free tech education without having to apply – just register) and an abundance... Continue Reading →

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Uintah Fire

Government - Uintah Fire Updates: For the latest information please check the Weber County Twitter @WeberCounty or Facebook page. NEW VIDEO: Teams were prepared & homes were saved. Now, we will rebuild together. #UintahFire #WinninginWeber — Weber County (@WeberCounty) September 11, 2017 Uintah Fire... Continue Reading →

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