2023 Tentative Budget

Clerk Auditor | Posted 11-01-2022

2023 Tentative Budget (pdf)

To the Citizens of Weber County:

As the Weber County Budget Officer, the Clerk/Auditor’s Office is pleased to submit the 2023 Tentative Budget for all Weber County funds and departments. This report is derived from individual department budget requests, adjusted for items discussed with each department during budget meetings.

We understand that this budget is only tentative, that discussions regarding the budget will continue, and that changes may be made before the County adopts the final budget. We invite you to a public hearing for November 22nd at 6:00 p.m. to comment on the budget. The final budget must be adopted before December 31, 2022.

A big thank you to elected officials, division directors, staff, and citizens, who have spent hundreds of hours analyzing, forecasting, and scrutinizing county expenditures to identify areas of improvement and savings. It is this team that makes up the strong financial management cited by Fitch Ratings as a key factor in including Weber County in the top 3 percent of counties nationwide that have received AAA general obligation bond rating.

Thank you for making Weber County your home.


Ricky D. Hatch, CPA, CPO